My Heart Belongs to Bryar

As I sit down to write this, I’ve come to realize that I have been blessed by my German Shepherd Dogs over the past 36 years, the last 5 have all been therapy dogs.

I would now like to tell you about the one that changed my life…

Smokey’s Bryar of Thornbird, CD, RN, CGC, THD,* call name “Bryar.”  Born May 8, 2000, and came into my life 7 weeks later.  It was at a crossroads of a career change and a life dealing with a parent with Alzheimer’s.  A quiet, laid-back puppy that her breeder, Beth, worked diligently with, while she was a newborn. …

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The Service of a Scottish Terrier

Monty the Therapy Dog is a handsome, Wheaton colored, Scottish Terrier. Yes, you read that correctly – Scottish Terrier. We all know the jokes about being owned by a Scottish Terrier and of their independent and often stubborn personalities. We also appreciate that there is something very special about the relationship between a Scottie and their human. What we do not often consider is a Scottie having that relationship with others outside of their person/family. I think that is what makes Monty extra special. I also think it takes a special owner to be willing to share that love from their Scottie with others who really need it. …

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Why They Help and Why We Need You

“Miley” and her handler, Kathy Appleton, visit the 6th Street Shelter in Allentown, PA. They were featured in the 2016 Summer edition of The Word on Sixth Street.

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