Definition of a Therapy Dog

Therapy Dogs are registered dogs that visit people in nursing homes, hospitals, assisted living facilities and other institutions in an effort to lift spirits. Therapy Dogs and their handlers share the dogs’ unconditional love with the people they visit. Therapy Dogs can enter any facility that allows therapy animals on their premises. This is not the same as a service dog (seeing eye for example) that can enter stores and restaurants. It has been determined that the petting of a dog can help to relieve stress and lower blood pressure.

A therapy dog reinforces its purpose with every visit it makes.

How to Join Our Club

Your dog must pass a handling test and three observations at a facility administered by a ATD Tester/Observer.  Visit the ATD web site to locate a Tester/Observer in your area .  Enter your zip code to find a listing of nearby tester/observers – there are few located in the Lehigh Valley area.  After passing the test/observations, you must register with Alliance of Therapy Dogs.   After registering with ATD you can start visiting as a therapy dog team – with the approval of the facility being visited.  Lehigh Valley Therapy Dogs organizes and coordinates visits with facilities in the Lehigh Valley area.  If you want to join Lehigh Valley Therapy Dogs, please complete the form below indicating your interest.  You will receive a new member application, visitation schedule, bylaws and member list.  LVTD reserves the right to have membership limits.  If the membership is full, a waiting list will be maintained.

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